Happy Birthday Megan!

My sister Megan and I had a tumultuous relationship growing up because she often bullied me while I was completely sweet and kind to her. Okay okay let’s get back to reality…it was the other way around. I only physically tormented Megan because she was always telling me what the hell to do like shit! I know! We’re three and a half years apart in age and Megan, being the older sister, found every opportunity to baby me and act like another mom. I’ve never been great with authority figures, so I would hit her or pull her hair when she annoyed me. At least I’m outing myself and being honest! Today Megan turns 25 and she still tells me what to do but I don’t assault her anymore except for that one time when Moose peed on my new canvas bag and I decided to go to therapy. Instead we battle with words. Sometimes. I’m thankful for Megan because although she is brilliant and outshines me in every academic aspect, she doesn’t always remind me that she graduated from a top notch Ivy League university. I used to despise being compared to Megan because I wanted to be the exact opposite of her, but life kicked my ass and made me her exact twin. I think that’s bachi for all the abuse I unloaded on her. Just as she graduated with an English degree and is always writing, I followed in her footsteps. We bond over our shared obsession with Call Me By Your Name (the most beautiful movie in all of history ever) and Manchester Orchestra and I know I can always rely on her to half a Portuguese sausage omelet and chocolate chip waffles with me. Even though I constantly make fun of her outfits and her job creating pamphlets everyone in Waikiki avoids, I’m thankful she’s my sister. Happy 25th birthday, Teresa, I hope you had the best day!