Happy Birthday Kaiʻolu!

Every friendship is unique- tailored to different souls who find pieces of themselves in separate bodies. And if you’re truly lucky, the best of friends become family. Kaiʻolu and I met when we were nine years old- new 4th graders at Kamehameha. She always says she was afraid of me at first (probably because puberty hit me like a bitch and I was bigger and taller than every other kid my age), but approached me at the bus stop when I dropped the pixi sticks that were in my bag. Thanks to the old and new gods, our first meeting turned into 12 years of friendship through new siblings, family deaths, heartbreak, one big fight (which literally lasted only one hour…haha don’t mess with my new clothes again, Kaiʻolu), world travels to New Zealand, Washington D.C., California, and Maui, tests, big projects, band tournaments and concerts, different colleges across America, and every makeup look I adopted. We’ve experienced so many highs and lows together that I can’t imagine going through with anyone else. I’m extremely lucky to have such a unique and remarkable friendship as this. Although we’re completely different people and she is the brunt of 75% of my jokes, my life is better with Kaiʻolu in it. Hauʻoli lā hānau iā ʻoe dear sister!