Happy 9th Birthday to My Beloved Reggi

9th birthday for Reggi

It’s my sweet, beloved Reggi pup’s 9th birthday today! It seems like just yesterday I volunteered to babysit him while his human dad went on the road for a baseball trip. Now that it’s four years later, I’m even more obsessed and in love with this precious boy than I was the first weekend he stayed with me! I’ve written an abundance of posts about Reggi in the past (most recently when I had him for 10 days during his dad’s honeymoon last year!), and I never give up the opportunity to share more about him on this little spot whenever I can. I didn’t know Reggi as a little baby puppy, but I’m sure he was just as loving, adventurous, funny, and full of joy back then as he is now. I still remember taking him to the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market on one of our first weekends together and he was ecstatic about all of the free food on the ground! I’ve heard from pet owners in the past that there’s a special type of love one acquires after becoming a pet parent and I never believed that until my family got Moose, Samson, and Scout, and once I started “mothering” Reggi. Yes, they are animals, but they’re so much more than that. Pets truly are a part of the family, just as they would be if they were human children. I’ve only known Reggi for the past four years, but within that time, he’s become like my child who I love and miss whenever I don’t get to see him (he’s living his best life in Houston). So on Reggi’s 9th birthday, I’m incredibly thankful to all of the gods that he exists and I’ve had the chance to love on him as much as he’s loved me.