Happiness Is

I recently read an article that discussed the importance of memories- specifically, ones that create joy and glorious happiness. My parents often say that I only remember the bad things that happen, so I looked through my photo library in search of pictures that capture me at my most elated. Although I thought I would find a few that illustrated my pure joy and excitement to be alive, I discovered dozens of beautiful moments shared with friends and family. The pictures brought back some extraordinary memories of vacations, achievements, and even day-to-day times spent with loved ones. This exercise taught me that happiness is in the laughter of my friends, the silly inside jokes we share, the long car rides around the island, the moments in band I thought I hated, the sweet victories, the meals with my family, and the days spent lounging on the sand. Happiness isn’t always found in money or extravagant purchases, but rather in the faces of the people I love most. Happiness is a choice and I’m glad I chose these humans with whom I spend my days.