Hamilton Favorites

Now that my obsession with Hamilton has reached the Les Miserables level, I thought I’d share all of my favorite songs from the play with you. I introduced the play to you all here where I touched on the background of the musical and other basic information. Although there aren’t any clips of the actual play online, (I know, it’s sad) the whole soundtrack is streaming on Spotify, which I’ve listened to every day for the past month. After a decent amount of time spent belting the songs in my dorm room, I’ve handpicked my favorite ballads and raps (which was the hardest task considering every song was perfectly written). In no particular order, my personal favorite songs from the play are “Alexander Hamilton”; “Helpless”; “Satisfied”; “Burn”; “Wait for It”; “Dear Theodosia”; “Take a Break”; “Burn”; “Stay Alive- Reprise”; “It’s Quiet Uptown”; “Best of Wives and Best of Women”; and “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”. If you haven’t listened to the Hamilton soundtrack, prepare yourself for some of the most haunting lyrics and vocals in all of Broadway! Now, I should go ahead and change my tagline to Fashion, Football, and Hamilton in the offseason.