Half Poems

I often feel like poetry is the only medium through which I convey my true self. I’m constantly wishing for inspiration so I may become the next Sarah Kay or Clint Smith or Rudy Francisco or Kaveh Akbar but alas, the right words escape me. When I’m lucky enough that a captivating idea strikes me a lá Ted Hughes’ The Thought-Fox, I record each line in my Notes app as I usually receive my best compositions in the shower or right before bed. One of the worst parts of writing poems is crafting the perfect line or stanza and having nowhere to put it. I don’t like returning to a half-written piece knowing I don’t have the right ending, but sometimes all I can do is write down each phrase and hope for closure. I rarely share my personal writings, especially when they’re unfinished or in the first draft stage, but I’m taking a cue from Ted (not in real life because he was ick) and letting the thoughts soak in my head before finishing each “half poem”.