Hair Accessories I’m Styling for Everyday

Hair accessories

Because I spend so much time and energy trying to perfect my curls, I tend to wear them down and plain every chance I get. Any minuscule alteration like pinning a piece back with a bobby pin means I’ll need to wet, style, and dry parts of my head once again at home. Thankfully, I love how my hair looks without being pulled into a style, but I’ve recently been obsessed with colorful and fun hair accessories. Hair accessories like clips, scrunchies, and hair scarves elevate all boring styles and can perfectly match any outfit! I started my accessory collection with the brown and pink Madewell hair scarf that pairs perfectly with an all black outfit. I like styling the scarf by wrapping it twice around a ponytail and tying it, leaving the ends flowing; tying it around my head into a headband, or braiding my hair and securing it with the scarf at the bottom. For all high ponytails and topknots, I love the two bow scrunchies. They easily conceal rubber bands and add volume to the front of an updo. Because they’re not colorful, the scrunchies match almost any outfit. I like using the leopard print one with pink looks, and the black one with white or navy background. The girly clips are a little more difficult to translate with daily looks, but they’re too cute to ignore. I style the pearl clip in a half updo where I twist two smaller curl sections from each side of my face and secure with the pin at the middle of my head. This clip looks perfect with fancier outfits, even though it’s quite affordable! The color-blended hair accessories are made for pink or green outfits. I would pull a two inch section away from the left side of my face (where my part lies) and clip each one next to each other. I’d style the tortoise shell ones with a striped or floral top and denim skirt by securing two small dutch braids a the middle of my head. Now, those aren’t enough hair accessories, right? I’ll need to add some more to my collection!