Glossier Wowder, the Insanely Reliable Powder

Glossier Wowder

I haven’t experimented much with makeup since I leapt from a beauty niche into my style, sports, and social justice theme for the blog, but I still love discovering a good beauty product! Since I’m getting older now (only 22 but still), I’m trying to streamline my makeup routine that fits into a 20 minute slot and looks as natural as possible, besides the lashes…I want big ass lashes. Tinted moisturizers and BB Creams have been my base of choice since I began wearing a full face of makeup everyday, because the products allow my skin to breathe while covering up all of the shit I don’t like aka dark circles (hello 4 am bedtime!), blemishes, and acne scars. One of my everyday basic staples is Glossier Wowder— a loose powder with a hint of tint (I wear G8-G10 light/medium!). I’ve relied on Wowder for the past year (please ignore my face in that old post, I was severely depressed) after I picked it up in a Glossier haul. The powder comes in a 0.25 oz jar(?) with a mesh overlay that allows the product to disperse thinly so the entire bathroom isn’t covered with skin color dust. I use a Real Techniques sponge to set my face with Wowder because the slight moisture in the sponge helps the product truly sink into my skin and melt into each pore. I love Wowder because it keeps my face shine free and sets my skin without looking heavy or cakey. Of course my makeup doesn’t last for over 8 hours without shine, but each base product would fade or separate much quicker without the assistance of Wowder on a daily basis. I used to despise loose setting powders because of how messy and time consuming they were to use, but Wowder is quick, simple, and gives me the perfect everyday look. There’s not much better than that!