Giving Tuesday

While most of the world freaks out over holiday sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (myself included), it’s important to recognize ‘Giving Tuesday’- an annual day labeled to benefit charities and organizations. The holiday season is always ripe with parties, decor and gift-giving/receiving, so it’s easy to forget about the people and animals who are in the most need. National and international organizations are always in monetary and volunteer support so on this Giving Tuesday (and every day after), I hope you’ll consider donating financially to those in need. Some of my favorite organizations are The White HelmetsThe Innocence ProjectCollege GuildEqual Justice InitiativeInternational Rescue Committee and ASPCA. Another way to donate or get involved is to treat homeless people and animals with utmost respect and kindness. I will always have a heart for the homeless and although there will always be a population of houseless people, it’s important to try and help even in the smallest ways. Buy a homeless person a meal, give money, cover them in warm blankets or coats during the colder weather and provide homeless women with menstrual supplies. If you see a homeless animal, please give them some food and water and care for them if you can. The smallest gifts of love and compassion will always make a difference even though it might seem like they don’t. In every day, treat people with grace, love and kindness.