Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving will be the first time I’ve spent the holiday apart from family and friends. Being 3,500 miles away from home is extremely hard, but it’s even more difficult during the holiday season. Luckily enough, I will be flying home in 20 days! I’m also especially blessed to have friends that are staying with me at school during our thanksgiving break. There are many reasons to be thankful during this holiday. I have the most incredible family that is always supportive and loving. Some people aren’t lucky enough to have a good relationship with their parents and other family members, so I’m thankful that my family bond is strong. I FaceTime my parents everyday and know that I can always go to them with anything. My parents have supported me in all of my musical endeavors, stayed up until 2 am to pick me up after band performances, and have sacrificed so much so that I am able to attend the school of my dreams. I’m also thankful for my solid group of best friends because I don’t know what I would do without them. High school band provided me with the most incredible set of friends that have seen me through my highs and lows and have remained there for me. We’ve been through so much together and although we’re all separated at college/high school, our friendship stays strong through calls/texts/weekly FaceTimes. Some friendships dissipate in college, but I’m blessed to say that ours never will. I’m thankful to attend my dream university and be able to play music and watch football. That may seem trivial during the holidays, but two of the huge loves of my life are music and Baylor football. Playing music has been my passion for the past 10 years and my seven instruments mean the world to me. I’ll always want to become a musician and the gift of music is a huge blessing in my life. I haven’t always loved football, but Baylor football especially has become my passion. Some people aren’t lucky enough to find their passions early in life so I’m thankful that I have. The sport isn’t just a game to me because I hope to one day become a Baylor football coach and support the team that has changed my life.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the people that you love. Thank you so much for supporting this little blog. Your readership and support means the world to me.