Getting Back into Fitness

I’ve always hated sweating, so exercising is my enemy. Correction: was my enemy. I am heading straight toward the eye of the storm and learning how to tackle my fear of fitness and workouts. In my current state, I don’t eat as healthy as I should and whenever I cut “bad foods” out of my system or attempt to binge-workout to Blogilates videos, I only end up doing it for a couple of weeks before going back to my old habits. As I don’t have regular access to beautiful mountains to climb or the ocean to swim in, I decided to grab some gear and turn my home into a private gym of sorts. I hate working out in public (that’s the hypersensitive in me) so having the tools I need at home will motivate me to actually get off my butt and get moving. I also purchased a few new pieces of workout gear that are cute enough to wear on a daily basis. I know function should trump fashion in this case, so I’m glad these items are both stylish and comfortable. The tools I bought are a workout matt, two 15-pound kettle bells and a jump rope (thanks to Miss. Tagami, I will always know how to do a double under or the heel-toe routine). I’ve been watching kettle bell workout videos online along with my Blogilates favorites to create a customized everyday workout that’s perfect for me. Now where’s that frosted sugar cookie?