Get Out Nominated for 4 Oscars

In regards to most people, types of media, foods, beliefs, etc., I either love something or I strongly dislike it. I know I should work on finding a happy medium or a neutral opinion, but my intense emotions and passion for certain people/projects don’t afford me that. I’m highly selective with my taste in music, movies, shows, food, and humans, so when I find a top contender in each category, I stick to it like glue. While my two all-time favorite movies have been Four Brothers and Rush Hour 2 since I was in elementary school, I added the gloriously moving and romantic Moonlight and Get Out to my top list over the past two years. I was initially afraid of Get Out when I watched the trailer, but wanted to see it in theaters with my friend Stephanie. After we watched it for the first time together, we returned three more times. I watched the film in cinema seven times before purchasing the DVD and iTunes versions to binge watch. It’s no secret I love this movie. I’ve talked about it with anyone who will listen and have convinced most of my friends/family members/bosses to watch it with me or by themselves. The film is terrifying, funny, eye-opening, and important for a movement such as today. Thankfully, Jordan Peele’s creation has received attention from media and award judges for its brilliance as it’s been nominated for numerous awards during the show season. The Oscars nominations were announced on Monday with news that the movie was recognized in four categories: Best Picture (please god please!), Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay. In an award season where mediocre ass movies like Lady Bird (hated so much), The Shape of Water (the main character is in love with a sea creature?), and Three Billboards (literally no plot development featuring a racist cop) are outrageously praised, I can only hope that the judges will use their brains and honor Get Out for its unique, creative, and groundbreaking story. Jordan Peele deserves everything! Please pull a 2017 Moonlight Oscars!