Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

I’ve tried out my share of cleansers over the past few years and they usually tend to have the same effects on the condition of my skin. I’m a big fan of thin, liquid cleansers that are either gels or milks. “The gentler the better” is my motto when it comes to face washes so that I don’t strip the natural oils from my face but rather leave it supple and silky.

A recent emergency cleanser purchase shoved me in the direction of the sample sized Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. I’ve heard many good reviews of the product but had never tried it out before because I tend to use the same skincare items over and over again. When I first applied the product to my face, I immediately noticed the strong scent (fresh cucumbers?) waft my nose area. The cleanser was silky on the skin and didn’t foam up or bubble. It’s an overall great cleanser that hasn’t made me break out or have any allergic reactions. It’s not life changing, but it’s definitely a lovely face wash for all skin types.