French Je Ne Sais Quoi

Think about the differences between Americans and the French. Americans are always rushing around whether it be to work, a meeting, an event or a birthday, they never know when to slow down and take a break. Vacations for Americans are never true breaks from the hassles of everyday life. Their iPhones are their lives- constantly pinging the sound of a new email or text message that the American will most likely drop everything to respond to. The French know how to be relaxed and when to work hard. Their (average) 35 hour work week allows them to take time for themselves and also work extremely hard when they are at the office. They are the most classic and beautiful people (in my opinion) and we Americans can take a nod from the French, especially their amazingly styled women.

The French woman is the epitome of chic, classic, and stylish. Unlike Americans who are constantly on the go or dressing to the nines at regular events, the French woman is calm, cool and collected at all times. She was raised to be poised and to never take herself too seriously. She prefers to stick to neutrals whenever necessary and to keep accessories to a minimum. Black flats and pumps are her shoe of choice and she can always be seen sporting a smokey eye or a red lip (never at the same time). She keeps her makeup as natural as possible by either evening out the skin tone and polishing the brows or not wearing makeup at all. She spritzes Chanel N° 5 under her neck and on her wrists so that she always smells like a classic woman.

Emmanuele Alt, Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue is a classic French woman. She can always be found dressed impeccably with the most natural and gorgeous makeup. Her hair is perfectly tousled and never looks like she sprayed a can of hairspray in it. She keeps her nails bare and her style is very wearable for the regular woman. Her wardrobe of button down oxfords, soft t-shirts, slim jeans, and black heels are the choice of women like me, everyday. At the age of 46, Alt has been the editor of French Vogue for three years and she’s still making an impact in her style everywhere she goes. She doesn’t sport loads of jewelry and keeps her accessories to a complete minimum. However, Alt makes a statement with her clothing and her beauty looks despite the fact that they’re simple. The chicness of the French woman glows from within. She has a no fuss attitude and doesn’t spend her days on the likes of Instagram or Twitter. She sleeps for long periods of the day and doesn’t drink or smoke (which contributes to her amazing skin). Alt is the quintessential French woman and we should all take a note from her.