Foster Failed with Soup

Soup and Bacon
Soup sticking out his tongue
Odd legs
Soup playing with his toys

Back in March, my partner and I ventured out to Waianae after dinner to rescue an emaciated dog who was dumped on Lualualei Homestead Road days prior. The dog was extremely thin and covered in scars and ticks, so we dropped him off at the Humane Society until he was neutered and medically cleared for “adoption” where we were going to temporarily foster him until someone else wanted him. We picked up the puppy a few days after taking him to the Humane Society as he was ready to go home. I named him Soup and wrote about his experience and personality in this post since we’d had him for a short period of time. It was initially difficult for me to truly love Soup and welcome him into our home because only a couple weeks prior we had and rehomed sweet Lola for being overly aggressive to our cat Bacon. I loved Lola so much and Soup wasn’t as affectionate or cuddly as she was, so it was tough to treat him as his own dog and not compare the two. However, we’ve had Soup for almost seven weeks now and we’re planning on keeping him forever! He’s an extremely sweet, friendly, and loyal dog despite all of the trauma he’s experienced throughout his life. Soup absolutely loves Bacon, our two other dogs, and any other dog he meets. He’s always trying to play with the pups walking through the neighborhood, and his best friend is my sister’s dog Kona who lives right below us. He follows Bacon throughout the house and is incredibly gentle and agreeable toward her. Bacon often whacks Soup in the face and hisses at him when he gets too close to her, and all he does in response is yawn and lie on the ground. He sleeps in his kennel all day long even though I leave the door open and he plays alone with his toys when he has more energy. Soup is still learning how to be a calm dog who listens well to our commands, but his personality is more than we could ever ask for. We will always love Lola and we’re truly lucky to have a pup like Soup forever!



  1. Keao
    May 12, 2023 / 10:05 am

    Ahhh, super cute!!! What a great foster fail!

    • nkakimoto
      May 12, 2023 / 11:04 pm

      Thank you so much! We love him!!