For Dad

When I was young I often overlooked the sacrifices my parents made to ensure my health, safety and happiness. I think it’s safe to say that most adolescents whine and grumble about their “have nots” and forget about how hard their parents and guardians work to give them good lives. My dad has always been there to support and encourage me through any trial or celebration. He works so hard to support our family and has always saved up to allow my sister and I to attend our universities of choice. He has supported me in every activity, whether it’s music, blogging or football endeavors. He’s taught me to never give up on what I believe in and that it’s okay to be nice to people sometimes. My dad is the most friendly person who always goes out of his way to make people feel comfortable (even if they’re strangers). Whenever someone asks me if I’m Lance’s daughter, I’m so proud to say yes. Happy Father’s Day Kermy, you’re the best dad a kid could ask for!