For Coach Snyder

In my holy trinity of haole men, coach Bill Snyder reigns as god. I can’t remember a time where I haven’t adored the coach and his sweet personality. Bill Snyder has been the head football coach at Kansas State for the past 25 years, completely transforming the program into a national powerhouse. Snyder’s kindness to both friends and foe is unlike that of any other CFB coach, which has contributed to his hall of fame status. Coach Snyder is 77 years old now (and still coaching) and he was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. While he’s stated that his health condition won’t detract him from coaching, fans all over the nation had to have known that he wouldn’t be on the field forever. Seeing the people we adore and idolize grow old is difficult, but we’re so lucky to be alive in the time of coach Snyder. How privileged are we to witness his greatness on the field, transforming the lives of his players with dignity and compassion. Because coach Snyder handwrites all of his thank you notes, gives pep talks to players on the opposing team, never badmouths anyone and has given his all to the school he loves, he deserves all the praise and respect during this difficult time. I’ve said before that I love Bill Snyder more than mostly anyone and that statement still rings true today. In addition to the great uncle Bernie Sanders, my high school band director Riggle and coach Poppovich, coach Snyder has my love and adoration forever. Please get better soon, coach, the game needs you!