For Andrew

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As an avid football fan, there are a few games and moments that truly stand out as remarkable. Plays like the University of California’s 5 lateral kickoff return against Stanford, Texas’ unthinkable comeback against USC to win the BCS Title, and Charles Woodson’s leaping interception at Michigan come to mind when I think of miraculous football moments. One of my favorite football bits that I’ve witnessed was when Baylor’s DT Andrew Billings chased down a Kansas RB and ripped him off of the field. These unbelievable moments in football can bring light to dark situations and can be like spiritual experiences to some fans. The game might seem like just that- a game- but players like Andrew force spectators to look at football as more than just oversized men chasing down a pigskin.

Andrew recently announced his intent to forgo his final year at Baylor and enter the 2016 NFL Draft. While the news was heartbreaking to receive as a passionate fan of the Bears, it’s hard to not be thankful to Andrew for everything he’s done to help the team succeed on a national level. At 6’2″, 310 lbs, Billings uses his medium stature to his advantage. As an avid weightlifter off the field, Billings is a dominant force who forces his way in tackling both linemen and the QB at the same time. He recorded 39 tackles with 14 for loss and 5.5 sacks this season even through nagging injuries. It’s been an honor watching Andrew destroy offensive linemen and QBs for the past two years and I wish him nothing but the best in the NFL!