Football Jewels

I wore a pearl necklace everyday from the age of 10 to 14 and established it as my “signature piece”. I drew inspiration from classy women like Coco Chanel and Grace Kelly whilst I gingerly hooked my pearls into place before school. During a time when fashion was the most important part of my life, the necklace from my Grams was not only a piece of jewelry, but also a part of my heart. As I drifted away from my dreams of designing couture gowns and sauntering along the cobblestones in Paris, I hung up my Coco and Grace pearls as a memento of where I came from. Five years after I laid my precious necklace to rest in my Koa jewelry box, my mom gifted me a new piece that represents who I am today. This football and helmet necklace from Georgie Designs is a combination of my love for fashion and my fiery passion for the contact sport. Although 10 year old Noelle would have turned up her nose at the game, the Noelle of the present is in love with everything that it represents and the soul of the sport itself. Just as fashion wasn’t just a hobby to me back then, football isn’t just a game now. Trading Grace and Coco for Coach Art Briles and Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix, this necklace and Noelle are here to stay.