Flips and Hair Clips Before Wash Day

Flips and hair clips
A top view of flips and hair clips

My hair is both my favorite physical characteristic of myself and also the bane of my existence because I’m always trying to schedule stylings on the right days and extend wash days as long as possible. Every person with curly hair who styles their curls knows how difficult it is to go through the wash cycle and especially on a busy timetable. Because I’m working every weekday and organizing during my downtime outside of the office, I’m always looking for cute and quick hairstyles to put my ringlets in when they aren’t fully down or braided. These flips with hair clips are my newest favorite look for no wash days because they’re fun, reminiscent of my early childhood styles, and keep my shorter layers out of my face! I’ve always been a passionate proponent of hair flips or topsy tails (here’s a little more complex tutorial that explains how to do these flips) and they’re one of my mom’s favorite hairstyles I put her lengths in. To achieve these flips, simply gather a portion of hair in a ponytail, make a part down the middle of the ponytail, and flip the hair up and down into that part, tightening the rubber band upon completion. This hairstyle pictured above is perfect for my day 3 hair before I’m ready to pull all of my curls into a high ponytail and call it a day, pre-wash. I part my hair down the middle (that’s what the kids do for every look nowadays and I think it’s the best part for this style), section off a 1.5-2 inch piece on each side of my head and follow the steps I mentioned earlier to get the perfect flips. After the tiny ponytails are tightened and secured with elastics, I put two small hair clips over the rubber bands to conceal them. I love how girly and fun this hairstyle is as it effectively covers any oil or grease on my part and makes me look put together at the same time!