Five Years of This Is Noelle

This Is Noelle (the blog not the human me) is five years old
today! Since 2012 I’ve published 1,500+ posts and procrastinated on
nearly every one of them. Over the years I’ve grown immensely as I’ve learned more about myself and my beliefs through writing. Although my pieces haven’t gotten me famous or rich, writing every day has made me a better, more creative person. I’ve continued playing music, styling outfits, and studying every aspect of my favorite sports as well as discovering new ways to fight against injustice and help other people. This blog has seen me through three years of high school activities and highlights, nearly three years of college, an exciting job in the athletic department at Baylor, one big relationship, and many possible career changes. From football recaps and outfit write ups to
my favorite playlists and daily activities, I’ve documented every avenue
of my life that probably no one cares about haha. Nevertheless, I’m
proud of my daily blog and I hope to continue writing throughout the