Fitness: Yoga With Adriene

After completing my last year of PE at Kamehameha, I took a well-deserved break from grueling exercises and runs. I’ve run countless miles, swam laps in the pool, and worked on intense cardio, so I decided to rest for a little while. To make up for my recent lack of outdoor recreation, I’ve been using online fitness routines from Blogilates and Yoga with Adriene.

The latter appeared in my subscription box as a recommendation from Anna, who’s exercised with Adriene for the past year or so. Adriene is a yoga teacher and actress from Austin, Texas who hosts weekly yoga sessions online. Her knack for stretching, breathing exercises, and complicated poses makes her the perfect YouTube yoga host. I’ve been enjoying her core workouts and the other higher difficulty workouts because they make me work hard and sweat without completely destroying my muscles. Who knew yoga could be so hard?