Favorite Weekend Sports Moments

The best sports moments are sudden and unexpected. Hail marys, buzzer beaters, half court shots and grand slams (I know nothing about baseball so that term could be used inaccurately haha) bring excitement to all sports fans no matter which team they’re cheering for. This weekend saw two of my favorite basketball and baseball moments for the Spurs and Baylor, respectively. San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard is a freaking monster who excels on both ends of the court. In Monday’s game against the Rockets, Leonard made a game winning three before running back to block the Rockets’ last shot. Leonard’s performance will launch him into MVP discussions and shocked both fans and haters. My second favorite achievement of the weekend is Baylor baseball’s win over No. 11 Texas A&M via a grand slam. The Bears were down 2-3 at the bottom of the 9th (please ignore everything I’m saying if it’s wrong, I know 3% baseball facts) with the bases loaded as Tucker Cascadden launched a bullet to win the game 6-3. Although I’m not a baseball fan, I love seeing happy Bears congregate in a jumping circle. Which sports moments were your favorite this weekend?