Father’s Day Wishes for My Dad

Father's Day wishes for dad

When I think of my dad, I picture him as someone who is greatly beloved by all people in his life! People are constantly drawn to his personality, friendliness, and ability to have conversations with just about anyone. We rarely leave the house without seeing dad interact with people who are his friends or acquaintances (everyday, not just on this Father’s Day), and while it can be annoying to always stop and wait for him to finish talking, I also find that to be one of his most endearing qualities. Every Father’s Day, I like to celebrate the characteristics that make my dad who he is, especially as we are gradually becoming more similar as I age. Not only is he extremely friendly, but dad also knows how to make people feel valued and important. He makes an effort to have real conversations with anyone who is around him, and he focuses on their lives and activities when they speak so they can make connections with each other. Some of his favorite people come from his days at Baylor and the friends he’s made there since I started school. I loved every time he came to visit me for homecomings and short trips so we could spend time together in one of his most loved places. Though he may forget to text or call me back sometimes (or he texts me one word responses with no punctuation!), I can always rely on my dad to be there in support of my dreams and aspirations. We don’t always agree on the topics about which I’m passionate (PIC abolition, communism, etc.), but he still encourages me to follow my dreams and never give up on myself. Knowing that he’ll be there to cheer me on even if he disagrees with my pursuits is one of the greatest gifts he could ever give me. Thankfully we have several similar interests like cooking, shopping, and college sports (we always agree on our opinions on teams, coaches, and plays), which lead to endless conversations whenever we’re together! We recently spent the past almost week together in San Diego while I attended a work conference, and although I didn’t love the city, I still had a wonderful time because we were experiencing everything together! I’m eternally grateful to have a dad who’s always there for me in every situation, and I’m lucky to spend this Father’s Day in celebration of everything he is to me. Happy Father’s Day to you, dad!