Farewell to Our Daily Bears

Our Daily Bears
Photo credit: Baylor Athletics

At the beginning of 2022, one of my Twitter pals and fellow Baylor alumni Matt encouraged me to become part of the Our Daily Bears team as a contributor and I gladly accepted! Our Daily Bears has been the official SB Nation blog for Baylor Athletics that’s one of, if not the most read fan sites by Baylor fans. I’d read and followed the blog for the past several years since I really got into sports and Twitter. I’ve always appreciated the published content, especially during football season where I learned more about new recruits, team updates, coaching changes, and more. One of the best parts of contributing under Matt’s leadership was how ODB began covering nearly all of the Baylor sports instead of just Football and Men’s Basketball like they did in the past. From Spring 2022-2023 I wrote about Men’s and Women’s Tennis, which I was extremely familiar with since I worked as the student contact for WT in college (I became the ODB Spring Sports Editor in Spring 2023!). Tennis is a short but extremely busy season with matches scheduled on multiple days throughout the week. It was a bit difficult to view the matches, create box scores, review points on Baylor WT and MT twitter accounts, and follow up with recaps scheduled for posting immediately following the final sets, but I somehow made it work (even with a four-five hour time difference) for two years. Unfortunately after 13 years of publications, Our Daily Bears came to an end last week Friday as an SB Nation/Vox blog for reasons above my part-time pay grade. I didn’t cover Baylor Spring sports for Our Daily Bears this year due to some hosting platform miscommunications, but I still feel so lucky to have been part of the crew since 2022. Many readers weren’t as familiar with Baylor Tennis before Matt gave me the privilege of writing about the teams, so I’m happy that I was allowed to contribute what I could in honor of one of my favorite sports. Our Daily Bears gave me new friends and another byline to add to my resume, and I’m incredibly flattered to have written when I did. The Our Daily Bears team still has ideas and work coming in the future, so for now, stay tuned to @OsoMediaGroup for updates!


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