Fall Sports Postponed Till Winter in Hawaiʻi

Fall sports including football are postponed

While American states like Texas, Florida, and Georgia (here’s a list of all the states and their high school sports plans for 2020) have already or are planning on starting their high school fall sports season (with most attention paid to football) this month, the Hawaii High School Athletic Association announced yesterday that all sports slated to open in August are postponed until January 2021. Hawaiʻi just joined the ranks of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware as those who have postponed their fall sports schedule until the start of the new year. The move is responsible and proactive for HHSAA considering Hawaiʻi’s Coronavirus rate has jumped dramatically, according to Hawaii News Now, “by 231% over the last 14 days alone — giving the state has the second-highest rate of new infections in the country.” Following several days of 100+ daily cases and one of 200+ following the missed hurricane, it’s no surprise that fall sports are being placed on the back burner until hopefully Oʻahu residents in particular can get their social activities under control (the outer islands are seeing only a handful or fewer cases a day, if any). The fall sports impacted by the executive board are cheerleading, cross country, football, and girls volleyball, while the less invasive ones like air riflery and bowling are still set to start in their regular scheduled time. During the announcement, HHSAA Executive Director Chris Chun said, “The HHSAA will continue to work with our member leagues in determining where to place these affected sports. If our state can flatten the curve, hopefully, these sports will be able to be played at some point in the school year.” He also added, “As a parent, coach, and administrator, I am extremely disappointed like most of them. I am hopeful, we as a community do what we need to do to flatten the curve so our student-athletes can play again.” The board will reevaluate their decision on October 7, so here’s hoping we’ll see high school football (remember when I coached in 2018?) in January!