Face of the Day #1

I’m no Lily Pebbles when it comes to ‘What’s on my Face’, but I wanted to quickly show you all my makeup of the day! I love seeing videos and blog posts about people’s everyday makeup, so I hope you all enjoy seeing mine for today!

Today I used my Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation (review to come!) and mixed it with my Aveeno moisturizer to create a thinner and more sheer base.

It may look like a lot of foundation when it’s mixed, but it’s really not!

I finished my base and used the foundation as a spot concealer, then I moved on to my eyes. I wanted to use my Stila in the light palette to create a soft smokey eye. I used the champagne shadow in the top row all over my lid, and I worked the dark matte brown into my crease. I followed up by adding the matte purple-brown in my Sephora palette as a liner on my top lashline. After adding the crease color along my bottom lashline, I applied two coats of my Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara.

For cheeks, I used my beloved Revlon Matte blush onto the apples with my soft, fluffy powder brush. I added my EOS Summer Fruit lip balm to hydrate my lips, and then I applied my Covergirl lip Smoochies for a subtle wash of red.

Here’s the finished look! I hope you all enjoyed this and I want you guys to let me know if you like these ‘What’s on my Face’ type of posts!