Experimenting with the Aussie Mousse + Freeze Gel

Curls after using Aussie products

Two weeks ago, I shared my new curly hair routine featuring products from the Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk line and I loved my results with the Defining Cream and Sculpting Gel! However, because I’m a bitch for good curls, I quickly bought two new (to me) Aussie products to test on my hair: the Sprunch Mousse and Leave-In Conditioner and the Instant Freeze Gel. Both products have been used in a variety of curly girl routines, so I’ve been on the hunt for any and every products that will make my curls less frizzy and more defined. I still love the Not Your Mother’s line, but I wanted to see if these Aussie goods would hold my mess of waves and ringlets for a longer duration of time. I’m constantly struggling with frizz in the back of my hair and overall curls falling, so the Aussie mousse and gel promising 24 hour and 20 hour hold, respectively, peaked my interest. After shampooing and conditioning, I halved my hair and applied a tennis ball size of mousse to each section, starting from the lengths and adding the remainder to my roots. Because I didn’t buy an Aussie styling cream, I squeezed two quarter size portions of the Not Your Mother’s Defining Cream, and ran them through the two halves of hair. I finished the routine by putting a quarter size of the gel on each of my curl sections, and brushed through with my Denman brush to evenly distribute the three products. After scrunching my curls for about three minutes, I diffused on medium with cool air until 100% dry. I wore my satin bonnet to bed and scrunched out my hair for volume when I woke up. Although the picture above doesn’t adequately show the products’ results, my curls looked slightly less frizzy with these two new products and they lasted for three days without refreshing or pulling into an updo. With the incorporation of Curl Talk’s Defining Cream, I think this Aussie pair is my favorite routine yet!