Every Pair of Earrings in My Collection

My collection of earrings

As soon as I got my ears pierced back in 2016, I’ve been on a constant quest to add as many earrings to my collection as possible. I’ve found that earrings have become my favorite type of accessory because they make my earlobes look less chubby and bare while completing my everyday outfits. While I purchased most of my pairs, I was gifted a few from some of my dearest friends and family.

The Hawaii Bookmarks Mauna Earrings were one of the first pairs I ever bought and I’ve worn them almost every day since the start of the Mauna Kea demonstrations as a sign of solidarity with our kiaʻi. My grandpa likes to laugh at how large they are and makes fun of me every time I wear them! I bought the colorful Love Knot Chandelier Earrings from J.Crew in the spring of 2018 and they’re a pair I always reach for when I’m wearing an all black or white outfit (or blue or pink or any color, really!). They’re a heavier pair, but I love how they make such a fun statement. My aunty Lisa and uncle Les gave me the ʻIʻiwi triangles as a graduation present and I’m partial to them because they’re a lighter wood than the other ones in my collection. My best friend Kaiʻolu’s mom made me the Niʻihau shell and Tahitian pearl earring combo for Christmas and it’s the style I reach for more than any other in my jewelry box. They’re so precious to me and they look beautiful with every look. These Hawaii Bookmarks ʻOhe Earrings were the first I ever purchased and they’re such an elegant and traditional style. I bought the Oʻahu gold wire pair from Etsy two years ago and I received many questions about their shape from a few boys in my Baylor English classes with one of them asking if they were Africa??? He obviously failed geography. My sweet friend Krista gave me the fun bohemian tassel earrings last Christmas and I love to style them with a beach dress and brown strappy sandals.

My dad just gave me the big ass hot pink Lilly Pulitzer pair and they’re my newest obsession! They’re extravagant and bold and everything I would want in a pair of earrings. He knows me well. Mikayla bought these Lahaʻole Tahitian pearl drops because she knew how much I love the gorgeous dark pearls. They’re one of my most sophisticated pairs and I wear them only on special occasions! I rarely ever wear stud earrings (as shown by the majority of my collection), but I love these light pink ones from Kate Spade that my mom gave me. I often wore them to my Roosevelt football practices last summer and any time I worked out at school. The Hawaii Bookmarks Island Chain Earrings are a unique take on the usual Hawaiian islands look as the smaller seven are set on the backdrop of Hawaiʻi island. I was fascinated with the design of the stacked J.Crew beaded earrings that look almost like they were made by a toddler. They consist of my favorite colors– pink and blue, and are combined with a hint of green and gold (Baylor, anyone?). Okay, I know these gold coin earrings are an absolute unit. The first time I wore them to a family dinner, Grandpa asked if my ears were going to fall off from them. They’re huge and I love them, okay? These J.Crew Pom Pom Earrings were a wonderful purchase as I unexpectedly wear them more than I initially thought I would. I love them with all pink looks and every blue top and dress I own.