Every Color is a Neutral

Every color is a neutral

Before 2023, you wouldn’t catch me in an outfit as bright and mixed as this one featured. Of course I’d wear a colorfully patterned dress, top, or bottom in my younger days, but I strictly adhered to the traditional style rules: no black with brown, no mixing metals, mix patterns wisely and only by color scheme, always match your shoes to your bag, etc. I didn’t realize at the time that fashion was more about rules than experimentation and creativity to me. Thankfully once I began thrifting and sincerely dressing for myself, my true style has been born and exercised. Whereas the old me would see this hot pink skirt and pair it only with a “neutral” white, black, gray, or brown (just kidding, never brown as I wouldn’t have ever previously worn that shade!) or with a patterned piece in a similar color palette, the current me sees a world of possibilities. Hot pink actually can go with forest green, lavender, white, yellow, baby blue, and an accessorized bag of mixed patterns—who would have thought? And even further, did you know sneakers match every single outfit no matter what time of day or location? And did you think sneakers would be the most worn shoe in my wardrobe? Not currently ballet flats as one would assume. My closet expanded tenfold when I realized that every color is a neutral and can be worn with quite literally any other hue. I chucked the old fashion color theory rules out my door when it comes to building outfits from scratch. Sure I love utilizing primary, secondary, and tertiary shades if I’m looking for a specific type of look or aim to stick with a balanced palette, but no one can tell me hot pink, forest green, and lavender aren’t the ideal color way themselves! If you feel stuck in your closet and like you can only wear that top with one specific pair of pants or skirt, don’t fear! Every color can be worn with every color and pattern, and mixed outfits only feel that much more unique and true to you!


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