EOS “Summer Fruit” lip balm Review!

I know…how many lip product reviews can one blogger do? To add to my growing lip balm, lipstick, gloss, and stain collection, I bring to you a review on the EOS lip balms. To be honest, when I first tried these, I did not like them at all. I believe it was the Strawberry one I tried, and it did nothing for my lips. I felt like it was overhyped and it didn’t perform the best. I did like the smell and the dinky little round packaging so I kept the guy around for a while in my purse. This one however, the “Summer Fruit” scent is amazing! I don’t know if they improved the formulation or if I’m just weird and I like it now after I hated it, but it’s just lovely!

The scent is absolutely amazing and the balm fits perfectly in my hand during application. It is super smooth and easy to apply and I love how it hydrates my lips! I’ve been putting this on before applying my MAC Plumful lipstick (review to come soon!) and it makes the lipstick glide on like a dream! I highly recommend this balm and for $3.49, it’s such a bargain!

Have you ever tried the EOS lip balms? How did you like them?