Embracing My Less Often Played Instruments

My less played instruments

If you’ve been around this site for a while, you would remember my high school senior pictures consisted of images of me in multiple outfits in multiple locations playing multiple different instruments. I’ve been playing music since I was an actual infant (photo evidence provided below) and I constantly learned new instruments to add to my repertoire.

Me playing my first instrument

I started with the ukulele when I was five, moved on to alto sax at age nine, guitar at 12, harmonica when I hit 15, bass guitar at 16, oboe at 17, and a few random mini instruments throughout the years, including the djembe, Irish whistle, and glockenspiel. Of course, my favorite videos of me performing a few of these instruments came from my time in band at Kamehameha where I earned most of my musical “stripes.” However as I became more invested in school (just kidding, I was not academically dedicated) and started working 20+ hour weeks, I kind of forgot about all of the fun musical tools I had lounging in my room. I brought my guitar, alto sax, and ukulele to Waco with me, but neglected some of my favorite instruments I had collected over the years. Now that I’m home for the next year, I’ve made it my goal to actually practice and play the instruments that have collected dust in the furthest corners of my room. Three of the ones that I love most and have ironically ignored are my harmonica (plus neck rack), toy glockenspiel, and the ukulele my grandpa made for me with his own hands. Although I don’t play music as much as I used to, I don’t want to lose my passion for creating and playing beautiful sounds on the various mechanisms I’ve acquired. Maybe one day I’ll finally put together the band where I’m allowed to play all of my favorite instruments and sing the poetry I write!