Double Fishtail Topsy Tail Ponytail

I know, I know…could this post have a more repetitive title? I’ve recently been on the hunt for different types of hairstyles to add to my repertoire as I’ve exhausted my classic half-up tita bun. I stumbled upon the blog Missy Sue, which is chock full of hair ideas. Missy wrote a post about the hairstyle I recreated today and it’s such an easy look to achieve! P.S. isn’t my uncle Bernie shirt amazing?

  • Section your hair off into two chunks depending on your hair part.
  • Grab a two-inch section of hair near the top of the left side of the head and split that into two pieces.
  • Start dutch fishtail braiding that section. In order to create a dutch fishtail, create two parts of hair, grab a small piece of hair from the right side and pull it under the left side. Grab a small piece of hair from the left side and pull it under the right side. Continue the dutch fishtail until you get to your left ear and finish off the fishtail to the end of the hair. 
  • Repeat these steps on the right side of the head until you have two dutch fishtail braids.
  • Wrap the left side of the braid around the head and make a hole in the middle of the fishtail. Pull the right fishtail through the left and secure with bobby pins.
  • Grab one-inch pieces of hair from the under the left and right ears, twist upwards toward the fishtail braids and tie them with a rubber band. 
  • Pull the rubber band out a little and flip the ends of the hair through the hole.
  • Repeat these steps of creating twisted sections of hair and rubber banding them until the bottom of the ponytail.
  • Pull out any loose bits of hair or bangs to create an effortless look.