Double Dutch Half Braids on No Wash Day

Double dutch half braids
Back side of double dutch half braids

I’m always trying to extend my style and avoid washing my curls as long as possible, so braids (here’s my favorite topsy tail ones that look complicated but are fun and simple), buns, and ponytails become my go-to looks after a certain number of days. Most often, I’ll throw my hair into a high ponytail and tie a hair scarf around my head or add a bow on top of the rubber band to make the style less boring, but recently, I’ve worn braids numerous times. I love these double dutch half braids because they’re extremely simple and easy to achieve and they look cute! Double dutch braids are the main style I turn to when I’m traveling or want a look that lasts for at least two days, because they easily turn in to consistent waves when taken out. For this look, I decided to craft braids only to the back of my head in a double dutch technique (similar to that of these braids). I parted my hair down the middle with the back of my tweezers (I didn’t have a comb) so I would achieve a sharp part and began braiding by sectioning off three small pieces and crossing each of the ends under the middle one (crossing over would be a regular french braid rather than a dutch one) and adding larger sections to the existing ones as I moved down my head. Once I reached the bottom of my head, I tied the ends off with rubber bands (here’s a similar tutorial that ends with buns). I usually pull apart the braided sections to make them more full and voluminous, but decided against that for these double dutch braids because I was already leaving out the rest of my hair, and I didn’t want it to be volume upon volume. I liked the tight structure of the braids as they were and just pulled out the baby hairs around my ears to make the finished look less rigid and more feminine.