Double Dutch Braid Buns

As I’ve “perfected” (okay, perfected is a strong word, maybe “found a decent solution?”) my curly hair routine, I stopped experimenting with different hairstyles. I love how my hair looks naturally, so I hate messing up its texture and curl pattern by braiding and twisting it into various looks! Nonetheless, I’m trying to branch out of my comfort zone and once again try out diverse styles. Today I was inspired by french braids, but I didn’t just want to do the classic double braid. Instead, I separated my hair into two french braids and finished both sides with low buns. I love how they turned out! To start, I created a deep zigzagged hair part until I reached the back of my head, where I split the hair evenly down the middle. I followed by dutch braiding both sides of my hair down until the nape of my neck. Dutch braiding is simply french braiding but reversed- instead of pulling strands from the outside of the braid and overlapping them on top of the middle, overlap them underneath the middle section. Once I finished the braids, I twisted the remaining hair into two thick buns and secured them with rubber bands. I pulled a bit on each braid to make them bigger and then roughed up the buns a little. This is a fun everyday updo that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I would style it for both school and work! The look would be especially pretty with a sundress and an oversized denim jacket.