DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel

Ever since I stopped using heat tools on my hair three years ago, I’ve been trying to get my natural texture back. 90% of my strands are consistently curly, but the shitty 10% are finicky and lean straight. As much as I finger twist and scrunch the unruly bits, they don’t retain the same shape as the good portions. When I discovered the DevaCurl line for curly hair, I was hopeful that their products would afford me the hair of my adolescence (just not my fourth grade hair because YIKE). I purchased the Ultra Defining Gel, which promises crunch-free perfect curls- sounds like a dream right? I don’t know if I’m applying the product wrong, but the gel just doesn’t live up to my expectations. I followed the instructions by adding quarter-sized globs of product to my soaking wet hair and scrunching for maximum impact. After allowing the gel to dry and breaking the cast, my hair feels crunch and a bit hard in spots, which makes me think I’m adding a little too much. I love how curly most of my hair looks and the diminished frizz after using the gel, but the crunchiness is too off putting. I desperately want the product to work because it only has positive reviews online, but maybe my texture isn’t right for the line? If anyone has used DevaCurl products before, please let me know your thoughts on how to successfully incorporate them in my hair routine!