Desktop Reading Essentials

Though I’m constantly out and about, I try to squeeze in a bit of reading time into my daily schedule. Reading is incredibly important (especially for those of us who are trying to further his/her education) and I’m trying to make it more of a priority in my life. There are always beauty blogs, online magazines, and YouTube videos to watch in order to obtain information, but there’s nothing like flipping through the tangible pages of a book or magazine. Few books spark my interest, but one that really stands out is #GIRLBOSS– the memoir/business tips book by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso. Sophia has a knack for wit and doesn’t shy away from blunt honesty in her book about the journey of becoming CEO of a multimillion dollar company. Another book that has tickled my fancy is Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual. Bobbi truly is an artist in all aspects of her life. She always wants things to be pretty and natural, whether it be makeup or interior design. The Makeup Manual is filled to the brim with amazing photographs, beauty tips and tricks, and Bobbi’s favorite products in her own professional kit. This book is definitely one for the aspiring makeup artist. Magazines are probably my favorite form of reading material and my two favorites are Porter and Elle. Of course, Porter is fabulous especially for those who are avid Net-a-Porter shoppers like me. The magazine combines high fashion with distinct photography in a way that pleases all types of women. Elle is different in the fact that it includes not only fashion articles but also beauty and lifestyle ones. Elle is for the “everyday woman” that can’t always fork over $5,000 for a pair of shoes or a handbag (unlike the Porter woman), but it still manages to make every fashion piece feel expensive and luxurious.