Decorating My Apartment for the Holidays

Decorating my tree
Baby ornament
Advent calendar
Decorating my living room

I’m truly committed to the month of December being the greatest time of the year (although college football and college basketball seasons are also the most magical times I live for) for many reasons including my birthday and the entirety of the holiday season! I am not ashamed to admit that I love my birthday and I look forward to it just as much as a child would. Because I love Christmas and the holidays so much, decorating my living space as early as possible is one of my main priorities and this year I finished everything nearly one month ago! I’ve been sharing my decorating ideas since 2013 during my first holiday season blogging (look at how terrible my photo quality was back then!) and I’ve tried to recreate updated posts every year since, including multiple ones in my Waco apartment (I loved this place so much)! Last year my partner and I spent our first holiday season together in our apartment and while I loved the time we had there and the layout of our place, I didn’t put much effort in making it feel like home. Now that we’re in my childhood apartment, I’ve been far more dedicated to decorating each corner and wall we have and I wanted to put up our holiday items to enjoy longer than just one month. We don’t have a ton of space to cover so we’ve made do with what we have. Our tree sections off the kitchen from the living room and it’s covered with basic red and gold baubles, tiny food hangers, a few ornaments from the trips my partner and I have gone on to Maui, Hilo, and Seattle, and of course, our picture of the cutest rat babies in the whole world! I placed small bottle brush trees on a shelf right behind the tree for added festivity. I hung our stockings and colorful advent calendar on my beloved giant yellow storage locker and I’m hoping the hooks hold them up when they’re filled with tiny stuffers. Lastly, I put our holiday-themed pillows on the couch and my partner brilliantly tied my pink and red jingle bells to opposite ends of our curtain rod! I’m hoping to gradually add more holiday pieces to our collection (most of what we currently have came from Target) and I can’t wait to see what next year’s one looks like!