Days Six and Seven of My Waco Trip

Friendship times on days six and seven

With Jonathan and Urn’s wedding quickly approaching, our days have gotten much busier and full of lengthy to-do lists (as opposed to my first few days in Texas). Days five and six of my time in Waco have been primarily focused on seeing as many friends as I can while also helping with anything wedding-related (and of course I would only do that for Jonathan and Urn as my feelings toward weddings are…not typically positive). On Thursday, I started the day by meeting my friend Anis for coffee/hot chocolate at Chip and Joanna Gaines’ newest brand addition, Magnolia Press. The coffee shop is downtown near Magnolia itself and is similar to that of the other Gaines openings in decor/service/taste. After lengthy discussions with Anis, Lo picked me up and we went to Elegant Nail Spa where I got the gel nails I shared in yesterday’s post. Once we finished all of our mani/pedis, Lo and I picked up a few fruits we needed for the rehearsal dinner and I met my friend Brandon for dinner, which was one of the highlights of days six and seven. We went shopping, ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and watched Step Brothers before we said goodbye again. Friday was the busiest day ever as we had to set up for the rehearsal dinner and get as much done as possible. I ate lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant ever, Taqueria El Crucero, with Wilson (the third friend I made at Baylor!!), which was the loveliest friendship reunion. After lunch, he dropped me off at McLane where Lo and I set up all of the tables and decorations for the rehearsal dinner. We earned all of our steps by rolling out and carrying eight big ass tables across the whole room and pushed chairs everywhere. After setting everything up for two hours, we got ready at home where we also had to finish Jonathan and Urn’s dinner slideshow. We arrived at the rehearsal late (we blame Waco traffic and also having to buy ice buckets for dinner) but had a smooth run through of the wedding events and had a wonderful time at the dinner portion. Because I am a typical HawaiĘ»i girl, I had to ask for a to-go plate of BBQ and I gladly accepted leftover cake and pecan pie. We all went back to Dodge City Saloon after the rehearsal dinner where we also met Jil and Matt and got just tipsy enough to Uber to Whataburger and home! Next up: the wedding!