Days Four and Five of My Waco Trip

The highlight of days four and five in Waco
One of my favorite Mexican meals on days four and five

Although Tuesday was a slower follow up to Monday’s lazy day, days four and five of my time in Waco were still full of friendship hang outs, reunions with other friends, and lots of eating! Of course I couldn’t go through days four and five without Mexican food (please remember I love Mexican cuisine now…this is who I am), so Lo and I closed the meal portion of Tuesday with one of my favorite dinners. I slept half the day away (I woke up at 3:30 p.m.) because I’m still on Hawaiʻi time and most of my friends had class or work during the day time (I know, why isn’t everyone on vacation like I am?), but I prepared myself for the nighttime activities we planned with Jonathan and Urn. Lo and I ate dinner at Casa De Castillo, which is one of my family’s favorite Mexican restaurants in Waco, and I had my favorite beef enchiladas with a side of queso, because that’s a necessity. After we ate dinner, we met Jonathan and Urn at Dodge City Saloon and I proceeded to quickly get drunk on a handful of drinks. Yay for week vacations and weeknight adventures to start days four and five! On Wednesday, however, I woke up like a regular ass adult and went to the office with Lo for the day as we had already planned to go to our favorite cult compound (aka Homestead Heritage) with Jonathan for lunch. The compound is in the middle of nowhere, but has some of the best desserts ever, so we binged on burgers, pie (coconut cream for me), and ice cream (chocolate as always). Our trip to Homestead Heritage was also our final hurrah as just the three of us before Jonathan’s wedding on Saturday, so it definitely was the highlight of my trip so far!