Day Two of Our Washington Trip

Ferret on day two of our Washington trip
Japanese food
Insomnia cookies

The other day I shared several photos and summaries of what my partner and I did on day one of our time in Spokane (read all about it here!) and day two of our Washington vacation was filled with just as much yummy food with fewer miles put on the rental car! Since we drove to Pullman the night before, there wasn’t a ton to check off of our to-do list on day two of our Washington trip. I’d been to Pullman once before on a cursed trip we do not speak of (although I did blog about it back in the day), but I had a far better time this go around! Pullman had horrible weather with lots of icy rain, wind, and cold so we started the morning off with a hot breakfast at The Old European. My partner and I shared an order of traditional Aebleskivers—Danish pancakes that look like sweet takoyaki topped with powdered sugar and served with applesauce and jam (here’s hoping this recipe is culturally accurate). We also split Hungarian Goulash, which was tasty, but the real star were the fluffy Aebleskivers!

Much of the day was spent packing and moving, but we of course found time to stop at another Petsmart to play with the animals up for adoption. This ferret was extremely friendly and playful and he had fun chewing on my partner’s fingers when we reached in to pet him! If we could have ferrets here, I would’ve adopted him immediately. For an early dinner we picked up “Japanese” food from Red Bento, which I would not recommend. Although the portions were enormous for the price, my teri chicken was pretty dry and the California rolls were mostly avocado with little imitation crab. The most delicious food we ate all day though, were these Insomnia Cookies that are my new favorites ever!! We had their S’mores, Triple Chocolate, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and holy shit were they yummy. We picked them up warm and gooey and they stayed soft and crumbly for the next two days as we slowly consumed them! I already confirmed an order with my mom when my parents are in California later this summer. Stay tuned for tomorrow when we finally make it to Seattle!!