Day Three of Our Washington Trip

Pike's Place fruit stand
Bacon, egg, and cheese bagel
Snow on day three of our Washington trip
Tulips on day three of our Washington trip
Clam chowders
A pink IKEA office

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in Spokane and Pullman in the early part of my partner’s and my trip to the Pacific Northwest (read our day one goings on in Spokane here and day two in Pullman here!), but I was most excited to venture around Seattle starting on day three of our Washington vacation! I last went to Seattle with my family at the very beginning of the 2008 Market crash and while that trip was undoubtedly traumatic for my dad, I enjoyed every part of our time in the city. My partner and I haven’t been to a large city together before, so our main objectives were to find delicious foods and fun vintage/antique stores. Day three of our Washington trip began bright and early (we might’ve even arose before the sun) as we had a 4.5 hour drive from Pullman to Seattle and we didn’t want to arrive in the latter too late in the day. We picked up bagel sandwiches from Moscow Bagel & Deli where I made my own bacon, egg, and cheese with a bit of mayo on an everything bagel. The bagel was crisp and piping hot and the breakfast bits were perfectly salty and creamy. It was the best breakfast I could’ve asked for in preparation for the most heinously long drive. There wasn’t much to remember from the road trip except for the gust of snow we drove along the Snoqualmie Pass and saw the temperature dip down to 30 degrees. I only took ONE 30 minute nap on the way, which is ridiculously short for me and my partner kindly drove the entire way.

We finally arrived in Seattle at around 2:30 and found parking in a faraway lot quite a bit of a walk away from Pike Place (of course we had to go). Even in the middle of Mother’s Day, the market was jam packed with people lining up for food and stopping for bundles of fresh tulips. We strolled through every crevice of the market and bought cherries, peaches, plums, and grapes from one of the produce stands (all of which sadly were not that yummy) and had to try some Pike Place Chowder—Manhattan and New England alike. I initially wanted the Manhattan because I adore a tomato base, but I was surprised by how much I didn’t like that one yet loved the New England style. I dipped two thick and chewy slices of french bread in the creamy soup and scooped up every morsel of clam and veggie at the bottom of my bowl. My partner wanted to get his favorite berry Greek yogurt, beef and cheese Piroshki (which was absolutely delicious), and a small bowl of the Beecher’s mac and cheese. We took most of those foods back to our hotel to eat for an early dinner in the quiet room. To close off day three of our Washington trip, we found an IKEA nearby and I fell in love with all of the decor and affordable furniture pieces. I was especially inspired by this dream blush office. After picking up some tiny gifts and chocolate treats for our family and friends, we ate frozen yogurt and immediately went back to the room to sleep. Another lovely day in Washington came to a close!