Day Three of Our Texas Trip

Family on day three of our Texas trip

I’ve already shared photos and words from day one of our Texas trip where my parents and I attended the Baylor Men’s Basketball vs. Norfolk game and day two with the Baylor Women’s Basketball vs. Hawaiʻi game—both in the NCAA first round—and while the first two days were exciting as anything, day three of our Texas trip was a much slower and relaxed time with our family.

My sister Megan and her partner drove up from the devil’s hellhole aka A*stin to spend the weekend with us in Waco and my mom wanted us all to go the Waco farmer’s market on Saturday morning! I invited Yonny and his wife Urn (Jonathan and Erin to those who speak regular English) to join us bright and early and we met downtown to try some foods and walk around the dozens of booths. My mom and I had homemade char siu bao and bbq pork buns from the sweetest woman, dad and Urn had pupusas, Megan got a fresh baked pop tart, and Jonathan took a two meat quesadilla to go. We didn’t want to eat too much for “breakfast” because we had to get my favorite Mexican food ever from Taqueria El Crucero for lunch (they’re closed on Sundays and Mondays and we were going to A*stin on Tuesday!). After walking around with my bffs for a little while, we went our separate ways and my family and I headed for Fabled Bookshop & Café in downtown as well.

Fabled opened shortly after I graduated in 2019 and it’s the cutest curated store full of sweet decor and some good reads. We browsed the shelves for a while and I ended up with a copy of Octavia Butler’s Kindred, which I fully scoured within the week (review to come soon, but spoiler alert: it’s my new favorite of my Butler picks!!). After shopping to our hearts’ content, we drove to El Crucero for more yummy foods! I attempted to look for a different dish seeing as I actually love Mexican food now, but I had to order my favorite carnitas with the most delicious salsa verde on top. We ordered five full plates and a large side of guacamole and the bill was $49! I love Waco. After promptly stuffing our faces with savory meats and lots of tortillas, we (I) took naps in our respective rooms while others chose to work out (why?).

Day three of our Texas trip’s dinner was (not pictured) Jasper’s BBQ at our dear friends Anis and Jessica’s house where we savored pork ribs, brisket, sausages, potato salad (yellow of course), baked beans, ripe berries, and HEB oreo cake! I ate far more bbq than I should’ve (we don’t get good bbq here at home, okay?) and the company was even better than the food. We kept Anis and Jessica’s sweet kids (at one point the 3 year old paused Encanto on the tv and pointed at me and said “I caught you! You’re in the movie!“) up far too late and we said our goodbyes til we see them again hopefully soon enough! We had yet another perfect time on day three of our Texas vacation!