Day Three of Our 2023 Texas Trip

Visit with sensei on day three of our 2023 Texas trip
Hush puppies
The best fried chicken on day three of our 2023 trip
Slovacek's desserts
Slovacek's fruit kolaches
Hurd Welcome Center
Campus on day three of our 2023 trip
Katie's Custard

My previous post about our second day of fun around Texas revolved around eating two delicious meals, shopping at some of our favorite stores on the mainland and in Waco, and having a fantastic dinner with some of our dear friends who always generously host us, and day three of our 2023 Texas trip was filled to the brim with amazing food and fun activities! We ate lunch at my favorite restaurant probably in all of Texas and definitely in Waco (we had my graduation party there when I graduated from Baylor in 2019!), visited campus and some dear pals for the first time in four years (for me at least), and finished the night with one of our most beloved eateries and family! Tomorrow’s post about the Baylor Football game will be hard to beat as our favorite day, but day three of our 2023 trip was definitely up there as one of the best of our vacation!

I slept over at Lo’s house again, so my parents picked me up a little later in the morning than usual so we could immediately head to Cajun Craft—my most beloved restaurant for many reasons—for an early lunch! Cajun Craft opened in 2016 when I was a sophomore at Baylor, and Lo took me there for lunch when I was just a student worker under her Athletics tutelage. I thought it was the best lunch I’d ever had, so I would eat at Cajun Craft 2-3 times each month and took everyone who visited me or I was friends with there for lunches and dinners! I love many of their dishes, but my favorite of all time is the fried chicken, which has the crispiest skin and extra seasoned juicy chicken meat. I can’t accurately describe just how delicious, savory, and flavorful the chicken is without being greasy—you’ll just have to check it out yourself! Dad and I shared a fried chicken plate with sides of fried okra and loaded mashed potatoes. We also ordered a side of crispy and spicy hush puppies filled with jalapeño and onions and dipped in a side of creamy remoulade. Because my family and I would go to Cajun Craft so often, we became friends with the owner Kim who is extremely kind and gracious and crafted the best food and space for us when I graduated! This lunch was my first time eating at Cajun Craft since my graduation party, so I savored every piece of food! After eating, we drove out to West to go to Slovacek’s for kolaches since dad hasn’t tried theirs before (we always opt for the Czech Stop instead, especially when we’d fly in from Dallas) and we stood in line for 30 minutes in the massive Buc-ee’s-esque store to place our order for apple kolaches and sausage and cheese klobasneks. I’m not the biggest fan of Slovacek’s sausages, but they’re still good kolaches to try! We had enough food in our bellies by the time we drove back to Waco, and we wanted to visit with my sensei at school when she had a break.

To kill time, we visited Baylor’s new Hurd Welcome Center that sits on the edge of I-35 and is just the most massive building I’ve ever seen (the S.S. Hurd if you will). The (new) Hurd has a fancy spirit store and we purchased a few pieces (cute ass tank top, beautiful vintage sweater for me) before looking around the facility and getting misidentified as a prospective student by the current student welcome workers (at least they complimented my outfit!)—a hilarious moment on day three of our 2023 trip. We went to the regular campus bookstore after to see one of dad’s friends and former classmates Takashi who hilariously made dad wear one of the giant foam hats for a picture! After the bookstore stop, we walked to Draper to see sensei in her office and when I poked my head through her little curtains, she screamed “KAKIMOTO!!!!” while her other visiting students sat there. Everyone in my family loves sensei because she was so good to me when I was her student (even though I nearly always failed her classes and was the worst student ever). She often took my friends (her other students) and I to lunches and dinners and would always let us tease her for her early morning yoga sessions and love of kale salads. We didn’t bother sensei too much since she had class and other visitors stopping by, but it was so precious getting to hug and talk with her for a little while! Seeing her was one of the main highlights of day three of our 2023 trip. We finished the early afternoon portion of the day with a walk around the rest of campus to see some of my favorite buildings and areas.

After yet another nice long nap, we met with our dear friends Anis and Jessica and their beautiful children at Rosa’s—another one of mom’s absolute favorite eateries in Texas! Rosa’s is a super quick and casual Mexican food restaurant where the food is extremely affordable and comes out faster than you could expect! We love eating the different classic favorites like tacos, enchiladas, and their always perfect queso. I opted for two soft tacos with lots of queso, salsa, and pico de gallo from the toppings bar, and there were lots of laughs and fun conversations shared by all! We love Anis and Jessica so much and always love seeing them whenever we can. I wanted Andy’s or Katie’s Frozen Custard at some point during the trip, and what better time than pre-bed on day three of our 2023 trip? We went to Katie’s since it was on the way and it’s small and local to Waco. I ordered a chocolate cyclone with chocolate chips and sprinkles and dad picked the seasonal pumpkin cyclone topped with loads of whipped cream! Frozen custard is thicker and creamier than both ice cream and gelato and it usually comes with an assortment of toppings to choose from. I’m a fan of any frozen custard location, so I was thrilled to end my night with Katie’s!