Day Six of Our Texas Trip

Bffs on day six of our Texas trip
Very Austin on day six of our Texas trip
Trout on day six of our Texas trip

We’re sadly nearing the end of my vacation recaps as we made it to the penultimate full day in the Lone Star State. I’ve been recapping everything my family and I did and ate in the first four days of our Texas vacation. I’ve written and posted about day one of our Texas trip when my parents and I attended the Baylor Men’s Basketball vs. Norfolk game, day two with the Baylor Women’s Basketball vs. Hawaiʻi game—both in the NCAA first round, day three featuring my favorite Mexican food ever, day four with even more delicious foods and my best friends, day five of foods and tornadoes, and now day six of our Texas trip where we unfortunately traveled to A*stin to see my sister again (do you enjoy my lack of exciting punctuation?).

Our time in Waco came to an end as my parents and I left Tuesday morning to drive down I-35 to the hellhole that is A*STIN. ICK. We thankfully got to spend one last meal with my bffs Jonathan and Lo as we met at Café Cap downtown for breakfast. I initially wanted to go to Harold Waite’s, which is a cute old person diner, but after much back and forth about timing, schedules, and closest locations to Lo’s workplace, we changed to Café Cap (the sorority girl favorite). And because we’re silly friends who talk in riddles like idiots, Jonathan ended up at Harold Waite’s while my parents and I simultaneously arrived at Café Cap. We have fun! Jonathan and Lo eventually met us at the right location and we had lots of eggs and pancakes. I ordered the veggie and swiss omelet that had zucchini, squash, red and green bell peppers, and cheese, and I added bacon inside for extra protein. We ate and laughed lots of course and then had to bid our farewells for the time being with Jonathan hugging us quickly and dashing off like a little sad squirrel. I’m extraordinarily lucky for these best friends of mine!!

After getting all packed up, we drove to Temple to stop at Bucc-ee’s for lots of omiyage and a sliced brisket sandwich for me and dad on the road (as if we didn’t have enough breakfast?)! I bought several bags of Beaver Nuggets, trail mix and beef jerky multiples for my partner, and some other assorted snacks to keep in my desk. Around one hour later we arrived in my sister’s new town of A*stin where she unfortunately resides and we walked to Quack’s 43rd St Bakery for cupcakes and other treats before taking a long ass tour of the neighborhood. I was not impressed. However, we did see the above-pictured goats and chickens with eggs neighbors can buy by leaving cash in a little wallet on the fence. A*stin is very odd.

For dinner on day six of our Texas trip, we met my dad’s dear friends Monte and Katherine at Jack Allen’s Kitchen and the food there was probably the only part of my time in A*stin I could *tolerate*. We ate extremely delicious guacamole that had pumpkin seeds, cotija cheese, and smokey salsa and I ate three servings before my meal. For my main course, I picked the Ruby Red Trout Salad and guys…I inhaled the whole plate. If I didn’t pause to breathe and digest for a moment, I would’ve eaten right through the glass dish. The trout was covered in thin layers of sun-dried tomato walnut pesto, regular pesto, and goat cheese cream (I DIE), and it was served over a bed of veggie rice. The trout salad of course came with a giant helping of spring mix dressed with a sun-dried tomato vinaigrette. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a more delicious meal in my whole ass life. And I’ve eaten many, many meals. Anyway, I loved the trout salad so much I wanted to die after and I had a mediocre time the rest of my moments spent in A*stin for the day but I FOR SURE will not be going back thank you.