Day Seven of Our Texas Trip

Family on day seven of our Texas trip
BBQ on day seven of our Texas trip

We made it to the final day of our Texas vacation (so sadly) and this one still takes place in the WORST part of the Lone Star state ever. Over the past several posts I’ve written and posted about day one of our Texas trip when my parents and I attended the Baylor Men’s Basketball vs. Norfolk game, day two with the Baylor Women’s Basketball vs. Hawaiʻi game—both in the NCAA first round, day three featuring my favorite Mexican food ever, day four with even more delicious foods and my best friends, day five of foods and tornadoes, day six when we unfortunately traveled to A*stin to see my sister again, and finally day seven of our Texas trip with more A*stin content and foods to go around (again, lack of punctuation INTENDED).

After sadly spending the night in the godforsaken city where Gr*g Abbott resides (why did my parents forsake me to make us stay in this city?) we all woke up early in my sister Megan’s apartment and immediately drove to eat breakfast at Kerbey Lane Café. The food was fairly decent and I only ate my whole body weight in the above-photographed Kerbey Queso (yes I know it was 9 am and we were eating a vat of melted cheese) topped with guacamole, pico de gallo, and chorizo. I for some reason offered to purchase this whole breakfast for my family so of course we had to share that as a starter. I’m not going to lie…I loved this queso more than I love people who also hate visors and/or Tom Herman. It was savory, crispy from the pork, and creamy and cooling from the guacamole/pico mix. And because I’m obviously the smartest person on our table (this is a lie), I ordered breakfast tacos with chorizo, eggs, and cheese so I could fill the tortilla with queso, guacamole, and salsa!!! I died in my body because this breakfast was heavenly and if the location weren’t in A*stin I would’ve given the meal a 5/5. Because it’s still in A*stin, it gets a 2.5.

My lovely gastrointestinal issues murdered me for 30 minutes post-breakfast so we went back to Megan’s apartment for a quick breather and reliever (is this TMI?). The only items on my A*stin to-do/see list were several thrift stores as I’ve become quite the vintage shopper nowadays (I blame my beloved Carla Rockmore). We drove toward THAT horrendous campus and stopped at the trifecta of Pavement, Leopard Lounge, and Buffalo Exchange. I didn’t have Leopard Lounge on my list, but it was the absolute star of day seven of our Texas trip. I found the above-featured orange houndstooth drop-waist dress from the 60s and I also got a sweet yellow nightie-style dress from the 60s. My GI struggles forced us back home and when my entire family decided to work out for a couple hours, I slept hard on Megan’s couch! We were going to eat at a restaurant somewhere in town for dinner, but mom needed to have her serving of In-N-Out and I was still craving more BBQ, so we split up and brought both home to the apartment for a family style-esque last supper. Dad, Megan’s partner, and I all ate ribs, brisket, potato salad, and baked beans from Black’s BBQ and mom and Megan got In-N-Out. Of course Black’s isn’t as good as anything you’d find in Waco, but it did the job for our last dinner. Shortly after eating we said our goodbyes to Megan and her partner and we returned to the hotel for a final sleep in Texas! We had the best time ever and I can’t wait to go back!