Day One of Our Washington Trip

Dinner on day one of our Washington trip
Petsmart puppies
Mary Lou's Milk Bottle
Green and white flowers

Earlier last week I wrote about the clothes and accessories I packed for my partner’s and my trip to quick little trip to Washington (see all of the pieces here) and just like from my time in Texas, I have loads of pictures and experiences to share from our trip starting with day one of our Washington vacation! We technically spent the real first day traveling from Hawaiʻi to Seattle and then to Spokane, but the real fun started when we could actually venture out of the airport/plane. I’ve never been to Spokane before and I was excited to try different foods and visit a new place.

The morning after we landed in Spokane (we had a long layover in Seattle and unfortunately had to fly in the tiniest plane) and checked out of our beautiful room at the Hotel Indigo, we drove to Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle for an early lunch. I didn’t really research any places to eat before we went to Spokane, but saw that Mary Lou’s had great reviews on Yelp. The restaurant is a tiny spot inside a giant milk bottle-shaped building close to downtown and they boast about their homemade ice cream, bread, and potato salad. My partner and I both chose burgers with potato salad and a side of fries and I loved it all! I also got a scoop of cookie dough ice cream and my partner had a small sundae for dessert. We luckily beat the rush of the lunch crowd and were full and ready to leave relatively quickly. There didn’t seem to be a ton to do on day one of our Washington trip so we spent most of the day shopping at different antique stores and at Nordstrom Rack. We of course had to stop at Petsmart to see the animals they have on the mainland and we found these adorable puppies for adoption. For dinner we ate at Outlaw Kitchen where the BBQ was interesting and unlike the type I’m used to from Texas. We split a three meat plate and had their brisket, ribs, and pulled pork and we also chose a baked potato and mac and cheese as the two sides. The brisket and ribs were just okay, but the pulled pork was incredible! The meat was cooked in the restaurant’s BBQ sauce and it was sweet with crispy bits throughout. I loved the mac and cheese as well because it was a bit spicy and full of melty cheese. However, the star of the meal for me was their cornbread we paid an extra fee to substitute for white bread. I love cornbread of all types, but my favorite is the sweeter style my grandma makes at home. This cornbread had a glob of cheese baked in which I didn’t care for, but the bread itself was perfectly sweet and moist! I could’ve eaten at least a dozen of them. After our early dinner, we drove 1.5 hours to Southeast Washington where we’d spend the next day!