Day One of Our Texas Trip

Me and Lo on day one of our 2022 Texas trip
Mexican food on day one of our 2022 Texas trip

After two extremely long years at home, my parents and I finally returned to our favorite place!! I haven’t been back to Texas since I was a groomsman in my bff Jonathan’s wedding in February 2020 and it’s felt like even longer than that. We just returned home yesterday afternoon, but I have loads of pictures and experiences to share from our trip starting with day one of our Texas vacation! We were originally scheduled to take our trip last October but when the COVID counts rose from the Delta variant, we decided to postpone til the middle of March. When dad booked our updated itinerary, we didn’t realize we’d be in the Lone Star State during the NCAA tournament aka March Madness (Yonny of course likes to repeatedly point that failure out). After my other bff Lo got me a ticket with her to the first round of the Men’s and Women’s tournaments (read about their performances here), mom and dad got their own tickets and we were set to attend the Men’s game in Fort Worth on day one of our Texas trip and the Women’s game the next day in Waco!

The morning after we landed in Austin (YACK), mom and dad dropped me off in Waco so I could drive up to Fort Worth with Lo. We watched the men defeat Norfolk State from six rows above the court (yay for Athletics tickets!) and ate a super early dinner at Mi Cocina because we hadn’t eaten anything all day. I’d never been to Mi Cocina before, so I had their Milo’s plate which came with a beef taco, cheese enchilada, and chicken enchilada along with rice and refried beans. In the picture above, the cheese enchilada was covered with almost a chili con carne and melted cheese and the chicken enchilada had white queso on top. I ate a bit of my enchiladas and crushed my taco into a taco salad, which was delicious. After dinner we went to the Nestlé Toll House Cookie place around the corner and we got mini chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches—mine with chocolate ice cream and Lo’s with vanilla. After walking around downtown Fort Worth for a while and quickly visiting with Lo’s husband Jason, we drove back to Waco where I spent some time with puppies Lucy and Koko Bean before showering and immediately falling asleep (did I mention I slept the entire car ride home?) in Lo’s guest room aka my room. I’d say it was a perfect first day in Texas!