Day Four of Our San Diego Trip

Me and dad on day four of our San Diego trip
Clam chowder in a bread bowl
Seafood platter with fries and cole slaw

Although technically day four of our San Diego trip wasn’t my last day in the city (here’s what we did the day before), it was dad’s final full day before returning home and leaving me to fend for myself for 24 hours (the audacity of him)! I was to attend the first day of my first ever work conference while dad galavanted and explored without me for several hours. I woke up bright and early because my anxiety prevented me from sleeping much the night before (as extroverted as I am, I truly hate being in new situations where I don’t know anyone!), so I was exhausted, nervous, giddy, and eager to get day four of our San Diego trip over with. I attended a couple of sessions before meeting with an attendee who reached out to me for a lunch meetup. I wasn’t sure what to expect for a conference lunch, but it was quite impressive! Lunch was served at each table, which was much more convenient and quick than having 850 people get their food from a buffet. We had grilled chicken breast with gravy, quinoa, and roasted brussels sprouts alongside mixed greens and a slice of three layer chocolate cake. The chicken was surprisingly juicy, tender, and well seasoned—far different from most chicken breasts I’ve tried, and the gravy mixed with the quinoa was the perfect amount of salty bite. The cake was the best part of the meal though as it was rich, moist, and layered with creamy chocolate buttercream; I wanted to eat several more pieces! After attending a few more sessions, I sleepily headed back to my hotel room to meet dad for an early dinner.

We wanted to finish day four of our San Diego trip with seafood in any capacity, so we tried Point Loma Seafoods, which had every type of fried seafood we could hope for! Dad and I shared clam chowder in a bread bowl, a combo plate, and a California roll. The clam chowder was a thick and rich without being too chalky (as some chowders can be), and each bite was covered in a layer of shredded cheese. I wish the bread topper was grilled or buttered since it was slightly chilled and dry, but the bread bowl itself was crispy and served as the perfect vessel for the creamy, salty soup. The combo plate came with two pieces of cod, two pieces of shrimp, and one crab cake with a heaping side of crispy fries and cole slaw layered with bits of red onion, carrot, and bell peppers in a vinaigrette! The cod was crisp, flakey, and well seasoned, but I preferred the crunchy shrimp with a horseradish-packed cocktail sauce that was sweet, spicy, tangy, and chunky! Surprisingly though, the star of our last meal together was the California roll that seemed outrageously priced at $15 for six tiny pieces. However, we were shocked to find that the roll was full of delicate chunks of fresh crab (not the usual imitation crab I love)! Each piece, though tiny, was extremely tender and sweet thanks to the sheets of crab meat. I could have eaten three more rolls! Since we didn’t opt for enough sweets and desserts throughout our trip, we finished night four of our San Diego trip with a like it of chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips from my favorite ice cream place of all time: Cold Stone! Dad found the cutest shopping area surrounding Cold Stone and we walked, talked, took some not so cute pictures (dad is still getting used to picture taking and he’s not yet an expert on angles, shadows, etc.), and enjoyed our last night in California together. I spent the next day on my own, but since I was only at the conference and ate alone in my hotel room, I think this day is the best one to finish my trip recaps on! I hope you enjoyed following our meals, shopping, and explorations as much as we did!