Day Four of Our 2023 Texas Trip

Family on day four of our 2023 trip
BBQ from Guess Family BBQ
Baylor Football on day four of our 2023 trip
Mom and me in the AD suite
Me and Lo on the field

Yesterday’s recap of our third day in Texas was one of my best yet as we got to experience some of our favorite people, places, and things (I sound like April Ludgate when she ran for Miss. Pawnee that one time) in town! No matter how long we’re in Waco, we never seem to have enough time to see people we love and eat all of the foods we crave throughout the year. Day four of our 2023 Texas trip however, was filled with the most exciting sounds, tasty foods, and thrilling views my parents haven’t seen up close before! Thanks to my bff Lo, we had the best Baylor Football experience any fan would love!

Day four of our 2023 trip was already anticipated to be our favorite day since we were going to watch the Baylor vs. Texas Tech game (disgusting…please see my recap of the game here) in person—our first live Baylor Football game since 2014 (when dad I went to the traumatic Baylor vs. Michigan State game in Dallas!) and my first time watching the game in person as a non band member or student worker!! Luckily the game was set for 7 p.m., so we had lots to do and accomplish before kickoff. I didn’t sleep over Lo’s house the night before since my parents and I were at our friends’ house until late, so we woke up a little later at the hotel (a three minute drive from Lo’s house naturally) and went to meet more of dad’s college friends for an early lunch. My Waco food bucket list included the following musts: Cajun Craft, Texas Roadhouse, George’s, Rosa’s/Taqueria El Crucero, Katie’s Custard/Andy’s, and Helberg Barbecue. Like I mentioned before, there is never enough time to check off everything on our to-do list, and we didn’t get to Helberg this time. I ate an overwhelming plate of Helberg food at my bff Jonathan and Urn’s wedding rehearsal dinner in 2020 and have been obsessed with the meal ever since (the brisket and broccoli salad and potato salad and pickles are all wedged in my mind indefinitely). Unfortunately, we didn’t get to Helberg this time due to schedules, location, etc., so we met dad’s friends for lunch on day four of our 2023 trip at Guess Family Barbecue! I hadn’t been there before, so I tried the one meat plate with chopped brisket, potato salad, and Cole slaw. My mom ate a burger with the crispiest and most delicious fries ever, and dad had the above pictured two meat plate with sliced brisket, smoked turkey, collard greens, and Mac and cheese. I’d only heard good experiences with Guess, but the food was really just okay. The plates were overpriced for the amount of food we were given, and nothing was spectacular enough to return. My chopped brisket came in a small scoop separated quite far away from my two bites of sides, and dad’s food was equally tiny. Thankfully the lunch was saved by the company we had in the form of some of my favorite friends of dad’s! We enjoyed time together so much that after lunch, we went shopping again at Central Texas Marketplace and relaxed outside of La Madeleine where we picked a handful of treats to nibble on. I opted for the Sacher torte parfait, which was layered with chocolate cake, chocolate icing, and a tangy jam for acidity. The wind was eventually too cold, so we all said goodbye and we resorted back to our hotel room for yet another afternoon nap!

Finally the time had come to awaken for the highlight of day four of our 2023 trip: the Baylor Football game! We had a great parking stall in the McLane Stadium lot and we walked to one of dad’s friend’s tailgates nearby to visit. We didn’t arrive early enough to see more of his friends at other tailgates, but the weather was brisk and the company was fine! We eventually walked to the Suite entrance since we were absolutely lucky enough to spend the game with Lo in the Athletic Director’s Suite (which she runs obviously)! My parents had never been in a Baylor suite before, so it was quite the treat, you can imagine! There was tons of food to be eaten: salad with black beans, chicken, egg, tomatoes, red onions, and cheese; bbq chicken and pulled pork; Mac and cheese; hush puppies; hot dogs; soft pretzels with mustard; s’mores blondies; the best brownies in the world (I used to eat 5-6 of them before games while Lo was working); and a fridge full of drinks. Dad went to watch part of the game with some of his friends in the stands and while he did so, Lo took mom and me down to the field to watch the game and take pictures! I think this part was mom’s favorite of day four of our 2023 trip or even maybe the entire trip! We saw a few of my old bosses and it was the most special time to watch with them and my mom up close. After venturing down to the field for a while, we returned to the suite to eat more foods and watch the rest of the game. I always feel extremely lucky that Lo (and Jason!) allow me and my family such wonderful opportunities, and this game was the best one yet!


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  1. Suzie
    October 23, 2023 / 3:20 am

    Ah, very refreshing to see! I’m happy you had a good experience with your family and friends.